Different Trees And Their Acorns



You’ll find more tree science here.

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Suddenly I am so happy I looked at Tumblr today. This is the main reason you should be watching Outlander.

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Why Do Leaves Change Color?



source: fakescience

Woah. I was just reading through my posts - I wrote like an asshole 2 years ago. “Whilst?” Really? 

Anyway, my mom said I should start writing on this thing again. I’m not completely convinced.

Bought a fall bouquet from the little farm stand on 2nd Avenue this morning.

just some pics from the last couple of weeks

fall is here! because it’s in the air. so happy because now i can start to really enjoy city life once again.

i am sitting next to the open window and it is cold. but can these cool nights live throughout the day?

my staycation is ending with a visit from john. not a bad way to end a week. 

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the end of summer

a picture of karina and katherine on the piers on the east river, long island city, queens side.

in teton village (wyoming) at sunset

a cute pic of lark in the gondola

this is the point when i started to get pretty freaked out about the heights…

the earrings i got to wear at the opening - champagne diamond in the center - so pretty!

"i’m not tired."

this basil plant has gotten out of control.  i’d say it was definitely more than 2 feet tall.

so i decided to do some replanting..